Not long ago, Haley and Julia were sitting on a couch waiting for yet another away game to start and got to talking. More often than not, these watch parties became story time mixed with a little wine. A common topic of conversation - the ups and downs of dealing with someone in the NBA, whether front office, staff (coaching, medical), or player. To put it frankly, this industry can be grueling and is frequently misunderstood. So, after several recurring chats, the two discovered a need to clear up some fallacies, and more importantly, a need to build a community for professional basketball kinfolk. Thus, Behind The Bench was born. A space for those part of the basketball’s inner circle to share their stories and empower, support, and encourage one another while attempting to navigate this unique lifestyle. Go check it out!







Julia and Haley first met in the family room at an Oklahoma City Thunder game in 2015. There was an instant connection between the two as both are former DI athletes and stand well over 6 feet tall. With weekly gym sessions, food dates and countless late nights at the arena, their friendship has blossomed beyond the distance that unfortunately separates them now. These ladies each bring a unique perspective to Behind The Bench.