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Be You

By: Cece Jones-Davis | Guest Blogger | Married to Mike Davis, Medical Staff for Oklahoma City Thunder

Reality shows depict NBA wives and girlfriends as glamorous, petty party girls who are only interested in money and social status. That’s why I was so nervous when my family decided to take this adventure. I was worried that I’d be walking into rooms of Barbie dolls, unable to relate and isolated by our distinctions. I was worried that being ‘normal’ and ‘everyday’ would totally disqualify me from getting to know other people. And, because of what I’d seen on reality shows, I wondered if I’d want to get to know anyone at all.

I am relieved to say that my experience has not mirrored reality show representations in any way. I walked into a welcoming community of beautiful, ‘everyday’ women who anchor their growing families, serve in their communities, and offer compassionate advice to newcomers like me. Being a part of a group that shares a unique lifestyle has been a gift, and has taught me that TV reality is truly not everyone’s reality.

Along with the support of other women, it has been helpful for me to maintain a deep sense of purpose. Although being a wife and a mom are two of my most rewarding blessings, I’ve always been my best when sharing ideas, solving problems, and making a difference in my community. To any woman coming into a high-pressured, high profiled culture, I’d say, hold on to you. Remember who you were before your family dived into the great adventure. Bring that person with you. Don’t forget what you love. Don’t lose what you’re passionate about. Wherever you go, find ways to plug into the larger community. Resist living in a bubble, at all cost. Find your ‘people’, and live in a way that is true to your values and brings you and your family peace, joy, and fulfillment.

And, enjoy the time. Life happens so fast.

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