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Catching Jrue & Jrex

By: Emily Phillips | Engaged to Jerian Grant, Player for Capital City Go-Go

Let me just start off by saying how much I appreciate Haley’s recent BTB blog “Unsolicited Advice.” She touched on so many key points of a SAHM’s life and spoke FACTS on a lot of what I deal with and hear on a day-to-day. To sort of piggy-back off of what she voiced, it can get quite overwhelming listening to others have so much to say about what you’re doing vs. not doing. I can say things like, “I don’t care what people think,” and “If they could be a stay at home mom, they would.” The truth of the matter is, after four years of not working outside of our home, the thought of maybe not doing enough does weigh on me at times. I’m sure these thoughts stem from comparing myself to hard-working women around me who work full-time jobs, get off work, tend to the kids, maintain the household, and still find time to enjoy a social life. Cudos to those doing it! But, simply having my own identity separate from Jerian’s is important to me. In this lifestyle, it is easy to mold into one with the “superstar” and lose yourself.

While being in the home over the years, I have been hard at work figuring out what my true passion is. As the boys are getting older, attending school and other activities, the antsiness to get involved in more things is growing. With this though, I made a vow to myself not to do something just to say I’m doing it. I want to do things that truly interest me and I’m passionate about. If you follow me on social media (@utopiafalls02), I’m sure you can guess what I like to spend majority of my time doing ---- video recording my sons, fiancé, dog and any and everything that goes on in my day. It has seriously become my favorite thing to do, next to screaming out R&B lyrics to all my followers and showing off my dance moves.

As I write this I cannot help but shake my head and roll my eyes. The stuff that happens is pure ridiculousness and cannot be fabricated. For example, the amount of toilet paper I have had to plunge and exude with my hands, the nightly excuses as to why our little munchkins will not sleep in their own beds, to getting locked out of the house by the kids. All of it is real and I kid you not - after some reflection - comedy. If you have not, tune in to see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.

I’m fairly active on all social media platforms, but Instagram is my go-to probably because it is so user-friendly. Since the beginning of recording my everyday life with my boys, the amount of feedback has been unexpected but incredible. I cannot tell you how many times a day someone writes me and says, “y’all need a show!” At first, I would just laugh back with an emoji and dismiss their words. But the more I heard it, I started thinking to myself, this idea may just be an avenue to do what I love with who I love most - my family! That’s a win-win in my book! So a YouTube Channel is in the works and I am super excited to get started with something I know will bring me joy and laughter to a lot of others. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many people with various talents, therefore, it was not hard to get connected with people who could bring me much insight on beginning a channel and all the ins-and-outs to how it works. I am delighted to be working with my sister’s best friend, Christina Iverson, who is excellent at her craft in creativity. So, ya’ll stay tuned and be on the lookout for that YouTube Channel coming soon.

Additionally, I recently committed to another project with some high school friends that I’m excited about. The short-term rental industry is growing exponentially and it truly is the new way to do real estate. The company is called Rovrr and essentially it is a luxury property management company that will provide optimal customer service on vacation. For instance, when you book to stay with Rovrr, you will be asked a set of questions that will help our team understand exactly what it is you need during your stay at our property. Some of the luxuries our customers will have access to are transportation, chef, nanny, spa, grocery and wine and bottle services (turn up!). Rovrr was created to help refine vacation and give people the home away from home feel. Our website will be up and running soon and we should have our first property by the end of the year. Please follow me on this journey as well, as I believe it will take off once we get going.

I used to make a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t do something. Deciding to go for it and to take the necessary steps to focus on my growth as Emily has been beyond fulfilling. My hope is that if you are reading this, you find the encouragement to do whatever you dream of and take the initiative to move in the direction that accomplished that dream. Mamas can be bosses, too! I’m learning that as time goes on!

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