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Coast To Coast

By: Megan Bryant | Guest Blogger | Married to Travon Bryant, Coaching Staff for Brooklyn Nets

I am an extremely rare case. My husband, an Assistant Coach for the Brooklyn Nets, lives on the opposite coast from me. I reside in Long Beach, CA and he resides in Brooklyn, NY. It’s really awesome for our costs of living to have these separate homes in the two most expensive markets. Haha. In all seriousness, it’s extremely difficult at times to know we may not see each other for a month or longer. I know living in the same town as a coach or player is difficult because of long road trips, but his road trips don’t end at the same home as me. This is difficult for him and I.

Our story is complicated, but it’s our own. When we met, while he was playing overseas, I made it clear that I wasn’t going to be able to follow him everywhere. I had dreams I was pursuant of and success I wanted to find separate from any other person and I also wanted to raise kids in one place. I want to make it clear I think that the alternative choice takes just as much strength and will power, it just wasn’t the choice that worked for me in our relationship and marriage. While it was clear he was my other half, it was clear we were going to have an atypical romance until it made sense to do otherwise. At the time, we didn’t know that meant well into a coaching career. So here we are, our second NBA organization and second city in four years, with four children.

Our marriage isn’t all roses, we falter, but distance forces the kind of communication and appreciation that continue to help us build and grow. When we get time together, we cherish it. When one of us is facing a hurdle, we rely on one another to get through it. Our marriage isn’t different than most. We speak all day every day. FaceTime first thing and last thing, at the very least. Send silly GIF’s about the many things we face in our day. I send him corny Bitmoji’s I know will crack him up. We have to have different strengths to make our union survive distance, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a strong and fulfilling marriage. Home is fluid for us. We want Southern California to be home base no matter what the future holds. I’m currently getting a second masters and excited about the work I am doing along with focusing on our kids at a pivotal time in their lives. He’s currently working his tail off to continue to grow as a coach, which is the most exciting thing to watch and support. I am a super fan of his and extremely proud of his craft and passion. Who knows what our future holds. What we do know is it will be our own success story and it will be as a family. I think if there is any take away, it’s that there is no right way to do this life. There also isn’t one way it looks based on public perception.

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