• Emily Phillips

Date Night = Game Night

By: Emily Phillips | Girlfriend of Jerian Grant, Player for Orlando Magic

Okay. It took me to be pregnant and 700 miles away from family and friends to recognize my true love language: quality time. My boyfriend’s profession VIOLATES this on so many levels, it’s insane (82 games a season, 41 home and 41 away)! People tell me all of the time, “Oh girl, you’re living the life!” HA! If they only knew what dating an NBA player was like for a woman who loves to sleep next to her man every night.

Going into our fourth season with two kids under three, mama (aka me) had to find a way to be “intentional” about dating her man and getting that “us” time again. The easiest way for us was to combine home games with date nights and let the boys stay home with a nanny. So after games, Jerian and I find a nice chill/intimate spot to go eat, do hookah or whatever to get that quality time in with one another. I cherish this quality time because we get to talk, without any distractions, about how he feels on the court (FYI... ya girl used to hoop herself so I understand/speak basketball) and I get to bring him up to speed with things happening off the court at home. This has truly grown our relationship in ways I didn’t even know it could simply from getting that ALONE time at the RIGHT moment. It MATTERS.

If I’m not intentional about our “us” time, it’s easy for us to get caught in just “going through the motions” in our household and ultimately, the relationship. Adding kids into the mix makes things a little more complex, but there are ways around it. I’m all about keeping that spark alive and wanting to still feel butterflies—therefore, ladies, we gotta keep it FRESH with our man!

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