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By Amber Roberson | Sister of Andre Roberson, Player for Oklahoma City Thunder

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

I come from a large family, four sisters and two brothers to be exact (with me there’s seven of us), all ranging from 13 to 30 years of age. You can see, we’ve got a starting lineup and a deep bench. As some of you may know, we just so happen to be very athletic as well - thanks to Mother dear and Daddio for those genes. The oldest five have played D1 college sports and hopefully these last two continue the streak of athletic scholarships. Enough about that though. I’d like to discuss our family dynamic. It’s one I truly cherish and wouldn’t trade for the world.

We are one of the most close knit families in this business (at least from what I’ve seen and been told). We can credit our parents for that and how they raised us. We grew up very modest. The result? Money was never (and will not be) a determining factor in our happiness. In times of struggle we especially lean on each other a lot more. In times of joy, there’s no other crew I’d rather laugh with. Our parent’s motto was and still is - when one did it, you all get it. We are our biggest supporters and try to show up full-force in all that we do. It’s hard to miss us. One, we are all tall (well above average). Two, we let it be known (vocally) who we are cheering for. We back each other 110%. That loyalty never has to be questioned. No matter what my family will always be standing in each other’s corner even when we hit rock bottom. Each member of our family is our litmus test and will always keep it real with one another no matter what. The same can’t be said with the many people that come along with fame and fortune. It can be difficult to decipher who is real and who’s not, but along with growing pains, my radar has gotten pretty efficient.

In our household, we have nine unique personalities running around and at different times, attitudes creep out and arguments will start but at the end of the day if someone tried messing with one of our own, we stand in full-force behind. Don’t mess with the Roberson clan (jk but not really lol)! I keep reminding myself and my siblings: environments change all the time, new people come in and out, but our family remains the same. They are my heartbeat and motor every single day.

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