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Shekinah Young | Married to Thaddeus Young, Player for Indiana Pacers

We had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Shekinah Young, owner of Forever Young Beauty Bar. Not only did she start her own business and become her own boss, but she created a space where others can do the same. If you are in the Memphis area, be sure to check out her chic beauty bar!

What is Forever Young Beauty Bar?

Forever Young Beauty is a full service salon that provides beauty professionals a platform, and space for those individuals to become their own bosses by utilizing their leased space for work needs.

What inspired you to start Forever Young Beauty Bar?

I’ve always had a passion for hair, nails, and make up. I am infatuated with healthcare, cosmetics, and beauty products. Hair care primarily being something I have always cared for since high school.

What challenges, if any, do you face when it comes to balancing your family, your household, your relationship and Forever Young Beauty Bar?

Most times I feel like its not enough time in the day to juggle them all. I love those challenges because it always keeps me on my toes, but as long as I prioritize whats important each day as a wife, mother, and businesswoman those challenges are nothing to conquer.

Has your husband’s career impacted Forever Young Beauty Bar?

My husband is a huge supporter of anything I’ve done. His impact is definitely positive as he’s always there when I need him. He is very business savvy. My first week opening up FYBB. He was there working as the receptionist answering the phones and booking appointments. It was funny, but it showed how supportive he is as a husband. He always posts on social media and gives suggestions on the growth of FYBB.

Where can people go to find out more about Forever Young Beauty Bar?

Website: www.foreveryoungbeautybar.com

Instagram: @foreveryoungbeautybar

Facebook: www.facebook.com/foreveryoungbeautybar

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