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By: Arielle Roberson | Girlfriend of Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

I am currently planning holidays around Spencer’s schedule. Honestly, it can be kind of complicated and a drag, but only if you let it. Especially, if you are a procrastinator like me and suck at planning around my man’s fluid schedule! Planning in advance and around other people’s schedules is not my forte, yet since having my son Elijah, it is important that we make time to see my family and Spencer’s family.

For Halloween, luckily Eli was not old enough to really trick-or-treat because Spencer and the Nets had a game that night. I dressed him up and took some cute pics. Easy peasy! This situation was much less stressful with a newborn, as opposed to having a toddler who would want to get as much candy as possible. (Side Note: Shout-Out to the Nets for setting up fun little activities for the kids in the organization so while the game was on, they had a blast in their costumes!)

The other holidays are going to be much more challenging to organize. Before Elijah, I used to travel home for Christmas a few days before and I would stay until New Years Eve, before returning back to Spencer. It would work out that way because Spencer has always had an extended road trip during that time, thus I really wasn’t missing much (and I refused to sit at home by myself). Plus, Thanksgiving we have always spent together, so to me it was a fair trade off.

With Elijah, it is VERY important for us to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family of three. I am so thankful that Spencer was home (here in Brooklyn) for Thanksgiving AND will also be for Christmas. This schedule is unheard of thus far, but I’m super hype! Regardless, I will plan to visit my family (back home in Texas) after Christmas. It’s unfortunate that distance separates us so much, but I am grateful that I am able to celebrate with Spencer and Elijah, our new budding family.

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