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Home is where my boys are

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

By: Emily Phillips | Engaged to Jerian Grant, Player for Orlando Magic

Contract year. That’s a foreign phrase to many of you but some may know what it entails. In the NBA, contract year refers to the final year of your guaranteed contract. Therefore, going into contract season is a crucial one for players because there’s a lot of pressure on them to perform well in hopes of extending contracts and/or being a great asset to another team based off what was showcased.

This current season is my fiancé’s contract year, which you can imagine, has been quite a bit of a ride. I often describe it as an emotional roller coaster ride, getting high with the highs and even low with the lows. This kind of season comes with so many surprises and unknowns to where it has everyone on edge. I wanted to explain it like that first because I feel that’s what most of the world already knows. But what they don’t have insight on is what that entails for me. Trust me when I say this … it’s A LOT. While J plays and works out, everything else falls on me.

These blogs have allowed me to tell a little of our story, so you know this is our third team in four years. I’m well aware of what I’ve signed up for with this lifestyle (and that some have endured way more than we have), but it’s tough when you fall in love with a place and see it as your forever home. That is what Orlando has been to us. This was our very first house where we were able to get our kids in an awesome routine and even make one of the rooms into a playroom for them. The weather is amazing and the schools are phenomenal. We even had tons of space for our dog to run around and feel content. Fast forward to now. A few games left of the season and a potential playoff run. So much to be excited about while simultaneously being anxious for what’s to come. The truth of the matter is, there’s always a possibility of being traded again or even worse, not being picked up at all. Either way, I don’t have time to think about much because our lease is up beginning of August. The real kicker is: We may not even know where we’ll be going by then.

This summer is essentially LIMBO. While my initial instinct is to worry, I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO. As the leading lady of my family, I have to be the backbone and the one providing peace and understanding through it all so that everyone stays together. I take extreme pride in this. Our kids’ attitude will be solely based on how I react. My plan is to remain positive to assure them we will be good no matter what. Moving forward, I would love to buy a home (*please let it be Orlando*) and have a place to go to in the off-season, free agency, etc. That means, no longer packing up every little thing any time we have to. That means, having a safe haven and a place to always come back to. That means, renting wherever this job takes us next.

What I am learning from all of this is that home is where my boys are. Of course I prefer some locations over others, but if they’re with me, and we are all together, that’s all I need. My heart is full.

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