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Just Be Nice

By: Julia Jones | Married to Andrew Jones III, Coaching Staff for the Philadelphia 76ers

Since the pandemic hit and everything shut down, I’ve had a lot of time to think.

During these many reflective sessions, I’ve come to really cherish memories of being together with extended family and friends. The mandated isolation is making me miss those people and smile back at the fond recollections.

I’d like to dedicate this post to Oklahoma and just being nice.

When my hubby first told me we were moving to Oklahoma, in all honesty, I googled where the state is located. Give me a break. I grew up in Germany until the age of 13 so US geography was not in my curriculum. 

Before settling in Edmond, OK, I remember stressing over tornadoes. I can handle and plan for a snowstorm. But tornadoes were unchartered territory for me. All that fear went away when I got there. Two things about Okies: super friendly and always willing to lend a hand. I miss my Okies! Hey, my daughters are both Okies! So naturally, I got mad love for my Okies. 

Drew started off as G-League Blue assistant coach then got promoted to player development and video coordinator role with the NBA Thunder. You could say we were “low” on the totem pole (if there is one). Everyone from top to bottom (again just a use of words) was treated equally. It didn’t matter if you were the GM or the janitor.  Respect was always shown and hellos were a must. 

That energy spilled over to the wonderful HomeCourt Support group. Off the rip, I was welcomed with open arms. From my Euro crew to my workout buddies, to the basketball squad, to my bible study prayer warriors, to my away game wine sippers, to my kiddie play daters, and my family room foodie companions, etc., it was wonderful to have so many lovely and beautiful individuals to share this lifestyle with. I mean shoot, this is the place I had the privilege of meeting my start-up blog sister, Haley. 

Although my blood family was thousands of miles away, I never felt alone. These ladies supported me - through sickness and in health...haha you get the point.  You know who you are. I miss you all so much and hold you dear to my heart! Luckily our bonds have no borders (thanks to road games and technology), and I am beyond happy to see how everyone is continuing to blossom in new and old places. 

With that being said, if you are moving to a new organization this off-season, embrace the friendly faces and just go introduce yourself - never know, someone might be a tad shy! If you’ve been in an organization for a year or so, welcome the newbies - it’s intimidating and we all can use a helping hand.  

Exchange numbers. Connect on social media. It doesn’t hurt to grab a coffee or a drink (aye!), arrange a play date, invite someone over for dinner, or have them join a workout! As my girls would say... “just be nice!”

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