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Caasi Cofer | Engaged to Royal Ivey, Coaching Staff for New York Knicks

We first met Caasi Cofer, owner of Lyrically Luxe, in Oklahoma City when all of our significant others worked together. When she touched down in OKC, she brought her New York style and Allstar ideas with her. It was no surprise that when she had her daughter, Lyric, she would be stuntin' like her Mama. Every week, we'd be in awe of Lyric's new hairdo and fashionable outfits. Caasi is now sharing her secrets and making them attainable to the masses through Lyrically Luxe. If you've got a little girl, you'll want to check it out!

What is Lyrically Luxe?

Lyrically Luxe is a lifestyle brand named after my daughter, Lyric. The brand currently represents an online store where I sell an assortment of accessories for kids. The main products are satin bonnets, but we also have a variety of sunglasses and headbands. In addition to the store, the brand also represents a personal blog where I share and document our unique life within the NBA and with my daughter.

What inspired you to start Lyrically Luxe?

This brand was inspired by a combination of things. The first being that we, as a family, were often surrounded by lots of curly-haired kids and the moms were curious to know how I maintain Lyric’s hair. I can’t tell you how many times people would ask how I kept it so healthy and curly. The second inspiration was that I felt there was a need for specific stylish products that aren’t readily available for babies and toddlers. Sure, there are satin bonnets on the market, but most are designed for adults and the ones available for kids are covered in some sort of cartoon character. The same goes with sunglasses and headbands, so many options for adults, but hardly anything available for children.

With this information in mind, Lyrically Luxe was born and became a place to find stylish and luxury products for babies and toddlers with a focus on offering an easy solution to help maintain kids’ luscious locks. In addition to the store, it became a place to share and document our “luxe” life via a blog. While the store and blog are currently up and running, I have some other exciting additions coming soon to Lyrically Luxe so be sure to stay tuned and grow with us!

What challenges, if any, do you face when it comes to balancing your family, your household, your relationship and Lyrically Luxe?

The biggest challenge I face is the need to grow the brand, but also put my family first. I know how important it is to nurture a business, just like you’d nurture a relationship or family, but sometimes it gets put on the back-burner, because family will always come first and life happens. So, it's a constant juggling act and I am working to find a good balance between business and family.

Has your partner’s career impacted Lyrically Luxe?

Overall, my fiance’s career has had a positive impact on Lyrically Luxe. With his current role as a coach in the NBA, we are surrounded by a number of families and people with kids and everyone in the NBA community is highly supportive of one another. With this, it has given us a built-in network and widened the reach of the brand.

Additionally, Royal took a new coaching job with the New York Knicks this summer, which meant we were moving from Oklahoma to our former home, The Big Apple. This move was a HUGE help for the production and retail side of the brand. Not only did it help to simplify the production aspect of the bonnets, but it also put us in the fashion capital of the United States, which generated a lot of new pop-up store opportunities. Altogether, I am so thankful for his career and the impact it has had on Lyrically Luxe.

Where can people go to find out more about Lyrically Luxe?

Website: lyricallyluxe.com

Instagram: @lyricallyluxe

Keep an eye out for pop-up shops in the NYC Tri-State area starting this spring!

Bonus: I feel like it’s only right to disclose my secrets to maintaining Lyric’s hair...and the secrets are moisture and satin bonnets! We all know kids are active sleepers, who thrash around in their sleep and wake up with ultimate bedhead. So, in an effort to combat this and make morning-hair easier to deal with, it is crucial to moisturize the hair AND keep it moisturized and protected while they sleep. This is where satin bonnets come in...not only do they help lock in moisture, but they help to protect the curls and avoid the nasty knots and damage.

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