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Meet Mariam!

Mariam is married to Kamran Sufi, who currently serves as an assistant coach for the Washington Wizards.

Growing up, after witnessing her talent, Mariam’s mother enrolled her in formal belly dance training. Her passion grew as she realized how much she enjoyed expressing herself through movement. By participating in various classes she soon came to appreciate all dance styles and even studied dance along with her academic major while enrolled at UC Irvine.

Her teaching career began at her college’s rec center and due to its popularity, won awards. In turn, it provided Mariam with a great foundation to continue it as a profession.

Besides dance, she became interested in health and fitness. Thus she went on to secure certifications in Group Fitness, Sport Nutrition as well as BeachBody, Zumba, Barre, Mat Pilates, 200 Hour RYT, Hot Yoga Barre, Yoga Vibe and Yoga Sculpt. Talk about a stacked resume!

A few years ago, Mariam found herself engaged to her husband and employed as the Director of Hot 8 Yoga in KoreaTown LA. They were thousands of miles apart, planning a wedding, and both completely immersed in their respective jobs. Sure it was tough, but she proclaims this challenge only brought them closer.

Mariam eventually relocated to DC to be with Kamran and learned to appreciate the little things that many take for granted - having dinner with him, quality time on non-game nights, running errands together on “off days”, etc.

It was important for her to continue her growth while also supporting her busy husband and building a life with him. The itch to continue her passion came quickly so she went to studios in DC and introduced herself. Now Mariam has taken on a management role at Hot Yoga Capitol Hill, where she teaches, mentors, and trains.

Since the coronavirus hit, she offers classes via IG Live and Zoom to clients and to the public in order to build some sort of normalcy during this difficult time. Even the Wizards tapped into her amazing talents by requesting her services for online yoga classes for the players.

She credits her husband’s hard work over the years as inspiration to always look for a higher goal. Mariam serves as a prime example of a fierce lady that can juggle it all!

If you are interested in connecting with Mariam or taking one of her online classes, check out her Instagram @bellydancecore

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