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National Basketball Wives Association

Are you the wife or significant other of an active or former NBA/G-League Player? Have you heard about the NBWA? If not, well then you’re missing out! Don’t walk over to nbwassoc.org...RUN!  The NBWA was founded in 2016 as the official charitable membership organization representing NBA players' wives and significant others. Its mission is to "galvanize women of influence to nurture our youth, build strong communities and work together to achieve economic stability for families and women around the world.”  The network of women (and men) involved is tremendous and growing! Need some empowerment, support, inspiration, and/or a way to give back? Look no further. It’s leadership consists of nothing, but grace, class and boss ladies. Past events have included the March of Dimes Community Baby Shower, Summer League Retreat and the Women’s Empowerment Summit with speakers such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Gabrielle Union Wade and Lala Anthony. Be on the look out for the upcoming exclusive 3rd annual Women’s Empowerment Summit that will be held during All-Star weekend in Chicago on 2/15/20 from 12:00-3:00 pm. More details to come via the association's Instagram (@nbwassoc). Even if you are not a member, but affiliated to the NBA in some capacity (front office, coaching/medical staff etc.) consider attending an event and/or getting involved with a for-cause effort. Contact Mia Wright at nbwa@nbwassoc.org for more info and subscribe to NBWA's monthly newsletter for up-to-date news at nbwassoc.org/engage/connect.

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