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Never Be Solo

Giovanni Lewis | Married to Rashard Lewis, NBA All-Star and Champion

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Giovanni Lewis, wife of NBA All-Star and Champion, Rashard Lewis. After a devastating loss, Giovanni and her family founded Never Be Solo in an effort to spread awareness surrounding two very important topics. It's not easy to lose someone close to you, but it's even harder to take that loss and turn it into something positive, and that's exactly what Giovanni and her family are doing.

What is Never Be Solo? Tell us more about it.

Never Be Solo is founded upon the mission to spread Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention. Our goal is to “Talk about it, Spread Awareness, Save a life.”

What inspired you to start Never Be Solo?

Never Be Solo was founded October 13, 2013 when I lost my brother, Stephano “Solo” Gonzales to suicide. My sister Nikia, mother Cunina, brother Kendall and I felt it was our mission to help others recognize the signs of depression and mental illness that can lead to suicide. My family and I were blindsided by my brothers death. We want to help others so they don’t have to experience what we have. We found it extremely crucial to teach and educate others about mental health so that we can erase the stigma behind mental illness and teach others to “Talk about it, Spread Awareness and Save a life.”

What challenges, if any, do you face when it comes to balancing your family, your household, your relationship and Never Be Solo?

Never Be Solo has been a form of therapy for my family and I. It has helped us through our pain, grief and sadness knowing that we are keeping my brothers legacy alive. We feel that his death was for a greater purpose; to help save others. Stephano left us with the words “Remember to Love yourself first,” this is our families mission now. Even our children are involved in NBS. We don’t feel it’s ever too early to educate about mental illness because it can affect anyone at anytime.

Has your husband’s career impacted Never Be Solo?

My husband and Stephano were very close. Rashard loved stephano as his own brother and Stephano looked up to Rashard as his big brother and mentor.

My Husband, Rashard Lewis, is a big supporter of Never Be Solo. He has helped our mission spread to millions through his connections with basketball and the boxing world. The Charlo Twins, middleweight champion boxers, wear our Never Be Solo logo on their boxing shorts in every match, watched by millions worldwide.

Where can people go to find out more about Never Be Solo?

Website: neverbesolo.org

Facebook: Never Be Solo

IG: @neverbesolo

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