• Haley Huestis

(off)Season of uncertainty

By: Haley Huestis | Married to Josh Huestis, Free Agent

It’s April 1st and I am a hot mess. We are currently in the process of heading back to our “home base” for the offseason and it’s been one of those weeks where it feels like nothing is going in our favor. We started off the week frantically packing up our stuff, loading it into our storage pod, then unloading and rearranging the storage pod in hopes everything we own will fit (spoiler alert…it didn’t). In addition to that, we tried to sell one of our cars, only to find out the title has SEVERAL errors on it and we won’t have the corrected title for another week. Then, we found out our other car is out of alignment and needs new tires before we start the road trip. Oh, and our bulldog hurt his foot a few days ago, so we spent a large portion of our time at the vet getting that taken care of. Murphy's Law is in full effect. You could say I am looking forward to a new week and a glass of wine (or a bottle).

As you can see, this time of year brings a lot of transition and chaos our way, especially since Josh is going into free agency. This will be his second offseason as a free agent or as we jokingly call it – unemployment. This time around I think I have a better idea of what to expect (the keyword here is think). The reality is that this industry is so unpredictable and things can change in the blink of an eye, so, I have made it a point to stop trying to plan or predict what will happen. Because when I do, I start to get excited about a specific opportunity, only for things to change. The highs and lows can be exhausting!

Looking back, I think we went into last year’s offseason a little scared and unsure of what would happen. Josh was a free agent for the first time and we were moving to a new city for the summer. There were a lot of unknowns, but who can blame us? The unknown can be scary.

This year, things are a little different. We are excited. Excited for new opportunities, excited to be returning to the same place we spent last year’s offseason, and excited to (hopefully) be in one place for longer than 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, we are still a little scared. Like I said, the unknown can be scary, but this time around we are channeling that feeling and using it to motivate us this offseason. In addition, we are placing a large focus on taking it one day at a time, because it does us no good to worry about the future when all we are promised is today.

Now I know everyone’s path is different and each of us will have vastly different experiences, but I want to leave you with the lessons and tips I have learned thus far in my journey. If you’re like me and crave a sense of stability or consistency, the feeling of having a “home base” can make all the difference. We don’t currently have an offseason home, but we have established a “home base” city and let me tell you, it has fulfilled that craving! Sure, it could change in the future, but for now, we have established a plan and we are not letting the uncertainty of the future prevent us from moving forward. Going along with that theme, the most important lesson I have learned so far is to let go of the things that are out of my control and enjoy life one day at a time. I used to spend so much time worrying about our “plan” or our future, and in the end, I realized that no matter how much I worried about it, our life would happen just the way it was meant to be and as long as I had Josh by my side, everything would be just fine (cheesy...I know). With that said, it is still something I have to work on daily and remind myself to take life as it comes. So, here’s to another offseason and going with the flow. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bottle of wine calling my name.

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