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Season 2 Opener

Behind The Bench is BACK! And BETTER than ever.

We hope you all had a wonderful summer, making lots of memories.

A break does us all good and rejuvenation was in full effect - long seasons call for undivided family time. And of course, it also allowed us to think about the many ways we want to revamp and improve BTB.

For starters, BTB is expanding across waters. Over the course of our first season, we learned that the international market is untapped and there is too much to be said about it not to share. Thus, we are taking submissions for those formerly in the NBA that have ventured internationally. It’s a whole different world in a foreign territory, and we look forward to gaining more insight. So, for those of you that have been through that transition or are currently in it, we want to support you and hear your stories as well as any tips you might have that can benefit the BTB community.

Furthermore, if retirement just hit or your significant other/family member joined the BIG 3 - get at us! We’d love to hear about your transition and any advice you might have.

There are so many aspects to this lifestyle that we have yet to check in to and the takeaways help more than we could ever imagine. The feedback has been incredible from those in the same industry as well as those in the military, law enforcement, and medical fields (ha, or really anyone with a busy partner!)

Don’t forget that we are a community for EVERYONE involved in professional basketball, not just for players’ significant others. So, if your loved one, sibling, or child is a coach, staff member, part of the medical team, we want to hear from you too! Though we might have different experiences in this journey, we can all learn from and support one another in this hectic lifestyle.

With the 2019/2020 season here, we are looking for more contributors and content! Please email behindthebench6@gmail.com if you want to share your story.


Julia & Haley


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