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The Wooden Spoon Cakery

Elizabeth Christian | Married to Jarell Christian, Head Coach for Capital City GoGo

We had the pleasure of interviewing Elizabeth Christian, owner of The Wooden Spoon Cakery. Elizabeth is an Allstar when it comes to cakes! Not only are her cakes absolutely beautiful, but they are simply delicious. She's always coming up with new flavor combos and festive how-to's. If you're in the D.C. area, you're going to want to check her out, if not, be sure to follow her on Instagram for fun ideas and how-to's!

What is The Wooden Spoon Cakery?

The Wooden Spoon Cakery is a home based bakery specializing in custom cakes and pastries.

What inspired you to start The Wooden Spoon Cakery?

Baking has been a passion of mine my entire life. While living in Oklahoma for my husband’s job with the Oklahoma City Thunder my girlfriends pushed me to pursue my passion and challenged my creative side to try things I had never done before. The community embraced my small business and from there, The Wooden Spoon Cakery was born.

What challenges, if any, do you face when it comes to balancing your family, your household, your relationship and The Wooden Spoon Cakery?

I took a leap of faith in the Spring (2018) to leave my career as a school counselor to pursue baking full time while staying at home with my two boys. I am still trying to figure out what balance really is...between staying at home with my boys, working from home with my cakery, and being the best coach’s wife I can be. It is a daily struggle trying to properly juggle all the acts in our small circus of life, but I am beyond grateful to the opportunities that we do have and to get to walk through life with my husband Jarell and our two boys and my newest baby, The Wooden Spoon Cakery.

Has your husband’s career impacted The Wooden Spoon Cakery?

It is hard to say for certain that without my husband’s career this business of mine would have never happened because baking has always been such a big passion of mine. But, I was always content with it being just that, a hobby. The relationships that I made with other women through our time with the Thunder organization are the reason that my business was born. The other women and men that supported my dreams and pushed me out of my comfort zone to create The Wooden Spoon Cakery are the biggest part of why I am where I am in my business today in Washington, D.C.

Where can people go to find out more about The Wooden Spoon Cakery?

Website: www.thewoodenspooncakery.com

Instagram: @thewoodenspooncakery

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